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ByNikki Munoz/April 30, 2021 3:02 pm EST

The sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, "The Big Bang Theory," boasts an ensemble cast. Starting with the five main characters of Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar), the central cast only expanded over time and eventually characters such as Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) became regulars.

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In addition to the main ensemble members, plenty of actors show up in recurring roles throughout the series. One of these is Christine Baranski, who plays Leonard's mom, Beverly Hofstadter. Much like her distinguished physicist son, Beverly has had an extremely successful career as a neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and author. Baranski appeared in 16 total episodes over the course of the 12 seasons.

Although not a super distinguished neuroscientist, Baranski has been incredibly successful in her own career of acting, which she has been doing for decades. If she seems at all familiar to you while watching her play Beverly, you're probably thinking of one of the several prominent films and shows she's been in. Here is a breakdown of her most notable career points.

Early film roles included Cruel Intentions and How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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The actors most associated with 1999's "Cruel Intentions" may be its teen cast, but the adults played vital roles as well—Baranski's Bunny Caldwell included. The film introduces Annette (Reese Witherspoon), who writes an article for Seventeen Magazine about her intentions to remain a virgin until marriage. After the article circulates, step-siblings Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) and Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) make a bet to see if Sebastian can successfully seduce Annette into sleeping with him. The other main teen character is Cecile (Selma Blair), who has recently moved to town and, being shy and naive, is drawn to the mature-seeming Kathryn. Baranski plays Bunny Caldwell, Cecile's mother, who can be seen in an early scene with Kathryn when she promises Mrs. Caldwell she'll look over Cecile. Later, Mrs. Caldwell — wary of Sebastian — warns Annette about him. This, in turn, only makes Sebastian more determined to go after Annette, which he continues to do and, eventually, succeeds in.

In a switch of genres, Baranski had a key role in the family comedy film, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," in 2000. In this live-action adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book of the same name, Jim Carrey takes on the role of the Grinch, the reclusive green creature of Whoville who hates Christmas. Baranski plays Martha May Whovier, who the Grinch has had a crush on since childhood when she was the only one of his classmates to show him any sort of kindness or compassion. Years later, as adults, Martha becomes engaged to Mayor Augustus MayWho (Jeffrey Tambor), enraging the Grinch. However, Martha eventually returns the engagement ring to Augustus and declares the Grinch as her true love.

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Pivot to musicals with Chicago and Mamma Mia!

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Baranski has appeared in a handful of musical film adaptations, beginning with "Chicago" in 2002. Based on the 1975 stage musical of the same name, "Chicago" centers on aspiring stage performer Roxie Hart (Renée Zellweger) who, while in jail for killing her lover, meets and forms a rival relationship with renowned showgirl Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Baranski plays Mary Sunshine, a reporter and radio personality covering both Roxie's and Velma's trials. Mary is known for her sensationalist reporting, which she achieves by playing up the drama in the details surrounding the cases. When Roxie's lawyer spins the events so that she and her lover "both reached for the gun," Mary clings to the self-defense angle and claims it makes Roxie's crime "understandable" and "comprehensible."

A few years later, in 2008, Baranski appeared in "Mamma Mia!," another film based on a stage musical. In "Mamma Mia!," a young woman, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), invites the three men (Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård) that could possibly be her father to her wedding. Baranski plays Tanya Chesham-Leigh, a close friend to Sophie's mother, Donna (Meryl Streep). Tanya, known for her multiple divorces, acts as a confidant to Donna, who reveals to her that she genuinely doesn't know which of the three men is Sophie's father. Throughout the film, Tanya continues supporting Donna and even has a love interest of her own, the much-younger Pepper (Philip Michael), the best man in the wedding. In 2018, Baranski returned for the sequel, "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again," although much of the film takes place within a flashback so a different actress, Jessica Keenan Wynn, plays the younger version of Tanya.

Baranski also starred in The Good Wife

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In 2009, Baranski began one of the most prominent roles of her career in "The Good Wife." Following a sex scandal involving her husband, Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) returns to her career as an associate attorney at the law firm Stern, Lockhart & Gardner. She then finds herself having to juggle stepping back into work, taking care of her kids, and dealing with the fallout of her husband's scandal.

Baranski, who was a lead character for its full seven season run, plays Diane Lockhart, a partner at the firm. Diane is known for her liberal views, including being a fervent advocate for women's rights and causes. Halfway through Season 1, Diane meets Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole), a Republican and gun enthusiast and, despite their stark differences in political beliefs, begin a relationship and eventually marry. Diane also becomes a mentor to Alicia after she joins the firm and, throughout the series, the two become close friends. Yet, in the series finale, after learning that Alicia has betrayed her, Diane slaps Alicia in the much talked about ending of the series.

Baranski appeared in recent films like Into the Woods and Bad Moms Christmas

In 2014, Baranski returned to the musical genre for "Into the Woods." Based on the Stephen Sondheim stage musical, the story pulls from various fairy tale stories — such as "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Rapunzel" — and focuses on a childless couple (James Corden and Emily Blunt) who set out to find the ingredients needed to end the curse placed on them by a witch (Streep). Baranski plays Cinderella's stepmother opposite Anna Kendrick as Cinderella. Much like in the animated film, Cinderella's stepmother is cruel and controlling toward Cinderella, yet adoring toward her own daughters. The stepmother's last major scene shows her, desperate to make the lost slipper fit one of her daughters' feet; taking measures into her own hands, she cuts off the toe of her first daughter and part of the heel of her second daughter. When Cinderella is revealed to be the one the Prince (Chris Pine) is looking for, the stepmother is aghast — but then quickly bows to the new princess. While her daughters are cursed with blindness for their cruelty toward Cinderella, the stepmother somehow avoids the same fate.

Switching the comedy in 2017, Baranski appeared in the sequel to 2016's "Bad Moms" titled "A Bad Moms Christmas." The three moms from the first film — played by Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn — return for the sequel and find themselves having to deal with their own mothers over Christmas. Baranski plays Ruth, the mother of Amy (Kunis), who had planned on having a simple Christmas before Ruth tells her she is expecting Amy to come for Christmas. Throughout the film, Amy and Ruth butt heads over Christmas plans, as Ruth wants an over-the-top celebration while Amy wants to keep it as small as possible. Their differences eventually lead to a huge fight, resulting in Amy saying she wants to cut ties with Ruth. The two eventually make up, however, with Amy telling Ruth she thinks she's a great mother. In the end, Ruth and the other older set of mothers (Cheryl Hines, and Susan Sarandon) have formed their own mom friend group and are planning a trip to Las Vegas.

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Baranski is the star in this spinoff series from The Good Wife

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Following the end of "The Good Wife," Baranski resumed her role — and took over as lead protagonist — of Diane Lockhart in the spinoff sequel titled "The Good Fight" in 2017. The series takes place a year after the last events of "The Good Wife" and Diane is forced to leave the firm after a financial scam. She joins another firm, Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad, a Black-owned firm known for tackling police brutality cases within Illinois. Throughout the series, Diane, a longtime Democrat, finds herself having to face the often troubling politics and events during the Trump administration. She also deals with a rocky marriage with Kurt, as well as experimenting with drugs to deal with an unstable state of mind. The show has aired four seasons and is renewed for a fifth (via The Hollywood Reporter).

In 2017, the year "The Good Fight" premiered, Baranski spoke with Entertainment Weekly about committing to her character for a whole new series. She said, "For an actress at this point in my career, to play a character, a female character as smart and as elegant as Diane... there's a kind of integrity to her . . . Let's face it: There are only so many roles out there for older women, but very few Diane Lockharts, you know."

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Did Sheldon's mom sleep with Leonard's dad? ›

The Big Bang Theory closed out its ninth season on Thursday night with a bang. Literally. (Spoilers for the season nine finale ahead, so look away if you've yet to watch!) Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) mom Mary (Laurie Metcalf) and Leonard's (Johnny Galecki) dad Alfred (Judd Hirsch) hooked up!

Who was Leonard's mother on The Big Bang Theory? ›

Christine Jane Baranski (born May 2, 1952) is an American actress. She is a 15-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee, winning once in 1995 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as Maryann Thorpe in the sitcom Cybill (1995–1998).

What episode does Leonard forgive mother? ›

Also in “The Maternal Conclusion,” Leonard confronts his mother, Beverly (the always great Christine Baranski), about how he's felt ignored by her his whole life, but then decides he's going to forgive her instead, and accept her for who she is.

What episode of Big Bang Theory is Leonard's mom in? ›

Beverly first appears in "The Maternal Capacitance" Season 2 Episode 15, visiting her son. Leonard is clearly uneasy about it and it becomes apparent when she arrives: she is as strict and logical as Sheldon, if not more so.

Who did Sheldon's dad cheat with? ›

Fans of CBS' Young Sheldon have been waiting for George's affair with Brenda, and the Big Bang Theory spinoff shows the reason why it happens. The following contains spoilers for Young Sheldon Season 6, Episode 2, "Future Worf and the Margarita of the South Pacific," which debuted Thursday, Oct. 6 on CBS.

Is Sheldon's father Leonard's bully? ›

Fans of the franchise will know that Lance Barber, the actor who plays Sheldon's dad on "Young Sheldon," also appeared on "The Big Bang Theory" during season five. Back then, he wasn't playing Sheldon's dad in a flashback, but an entirely different character: Leonard's high-school bully.

Was Sheldon's dad a drunk? ›

Sheldon's father's drinking problem. Early on in Big Bang Sheldon explained his father was an alcoholic prior to his death. Often in the series, he would quip at his parents' tumultuous relationship and how drink was a factor in it.

Is Leonard a narcissist? ›

He Was A Narcissist

Sure, he had some of the traits like being understanding of Sheldon's social awkwardness and catering to his every whim. His sad childhood, complex relationship with his mother, and disastrous love life (before he married Penny) also made him gain a lot of sympathy from the audience.

Is Leonards mom polyamorous? ›

Leonard: Well, it ruined my day. I had to talk to my mom, who, by the way, is-is polyamorous now, so that's fun to think about.

Does Sheldon's dad cheat on his mom episode? ›

During Sheldon and his father's enlightening talk in Young Sheldon season 5, episode 8, George subtly explains why he decides to have an affair. George (Lance Barber) subtly explains the reason for cheating on his wife in Young Sheldon season 5.

Who does Sheldon's mom cheat with? ›

But instead of developing that arc, Young Sheldon is setting up Mary's own affair with Youth Pastor Rob (Dan Byrd) instead. Introduced as a youth pastor at Mary's church, Rob is among Young Sheldon season 5's new characters.

Why did Leonard forgive his mother? ›

In the episode's final scene, Leonard finally faces his mother. But before he can express all of his grievances, before he can tell how hurt he is, he tries something else. Understanding that she will always be who she is, he instead decides to forgive her for everything she has ever done.

What happens in the maternal conclusion? ›

After Sheldon volunteers Amy and himself to pick up Beverly Hofstadter, Leonard gets goaded into doing it himself. Sheldon wants to go, but ends up not going when Amy doesn't want to be the only one not going and has the fear that people will be talking about her.

Does Howards mom ever make an appearance? ›

Did Howard's mum ever appear in Big Bang Theory? Quite simply the answer is yes, Mrs Wolowitz did make a very rare and brief appearance in an episode Big Bang Theory. After years of yelling down to her son, fans had to wait until season six to catch a glimpse at the enigmatic character.

Is Leonard an atheist? ›

Leonard Hofstadter is an atheist, just like his mother, Beverly. Alfred, Leonard's father, proclaims agnosticism, maybe because of this anthropology background. One thing that's hard to ignore is that the Big Bang theory is the one theory that drives Leonard's career.

What is Sheldon's dad's secret? ›

The revelation came while he explained to Penny (Kaley Cuoco) how he got his annoying habit of knocking three times. According to Sheldon, when he was 13 years old, he came home early from college. After hearing some noises, he barged into his parents' room and saw his dad cheating on Mary with another woman.

Who took Sheldon's virginity? ›

The spoiler is right there: Sheldon and Amy, who spent much of their five-year relationship avoiding physical intimacy, celebrated her birthday by losing their virginity to each other.

Why did Sheldon's dad get fired? ›

Sheldon once got his father fired when he told Mr. Hinckley, a store owner, that George was stealing from the cash register.

Why is Sheldon's son called Leonard? ›

Leonard Cooper is named after Leonard Hofstadter (Sheldon's best friend) and Leonard Nimoy (one of Sheldon's idols). Sheldon wanted to name his son Leonard Nimoy Cooper but was denied by Amy. Leonard Nimoy filed a restraining order on Sheldon Cooper. Leonard Cooper is named after Leonard Hofstadter.

How did Sheldon's dad passed away? ›

A rift grew between them after George Sr. cheated on Sheldon's mom, but we'll get to that in a moment. That's really all we were told about their relationship via The Big Bang Theory, except for when George Sr. died of weight-related issues.

Is Jimmy Speckerman Sheldon's dad? ›

The minor character Jimmy Speckerman is introduced in this episode. Lance Barber, the actor who portrayed him, would later play the role of Sheldon's father, George Cooper Sr., in the prequel/spin-off series Young Sheldon.

Is Sheldon autistic? ›

This is ironic because according to the producers of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper isn't actually autistic.

Why is Sheldon's flag upside down? ›

According to Sheldon, the flag must only be flown upside down when the apartment is in distress. A magnet version of the flag is kept on the refrigerator and has been turned upside down in times of distress.

What syndrome does Sheldon Cooper have? ›

"Sheldon often gets talked about in terms of Asperger's or OCD. He has a thing with germs, he has a thing with numbers, he's got a lot of that precision that we see in OCD. There's a lot of interesting features to all of our characters that make them technically unconventional socially."

What is Leonard Hofstadter's IQ? ›

Work. Leonard has an IQ of 173, and was 24 years old when he received his PhD from Princeton University. Leonard also received a dissertation of the year award for his doctoral paper on experimental particle physics.

What is Penny and Leonard's secret? ›

The Big Bang Theory showrunners have defended Penny and Leonard's huge plot twist that aired in the season 12 finale episode last week. In the episode titled The Stockholm Syndrome it was revealed that Kaley Cuoco's character was two months pregnant, despite having expressed several times that she didn't want kids.

Is Sheldon a narcissist? ›

Sheldon Cooper is narcissistic, socially awkward, childish, hurtful, naive, irascible, selfish, rude, and irrepressible. He is also extremely popular with viewers and even lovable.

Who is Leonards best friend? ›

Sheldon and Leonard's friendship was a large focal point on The Big Bang Theory. They weren't just colleagues and roommates — they were best friends.

Who does Leonard cheats on Priya with? ›

Leonard Cheated On Priya With Alice

The two ended up meeting and making out while they discussed comic books. They met again for a second date but Leonard came clean about his relationship with Priya before things went too far.

Who was the doctor that Leonard dated? ›

She guest-starred in Two and a Half Men as Berta's pregnant youngest daughter. She had a stint on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, playing Leonard Hofstadter's physician girlfriend Dr Stephanie Barnett for three episodes. Her first appearance on the show occurred on November 17, 2008.

Does Sheldon's dad cheat in Season 5? ›

Since the very beginning of CBS's Young Sheldon fans have known that George's cheating scandal would play an important part in the series, and season 5 has finally revealed how far off the incident is. Per The Big Bang Theory, the Cooper patriarch, played by Lance Barber, was unfaithful to his wife Mary (Zoe Perry).

Does Mary Cooper cheat on George? ›

There was no mention of her cheating while she was married to George or probably, Sheldon himself wasn't aware of it. If she had an affair with the youth pastor, say even before George does, it would make it quite clear that this is the reason why Mary never spoke about her husband's extramarital affair in TBBT.

Who does Georgie get pregnant? ›

As revealed in Young Sheldon's 100th episode, Georgie and Mandy fell pregnant unexpectedly. Despite not wanting to confess this to his parents, Georgie finally revealed the couple's circumstances. He also hinted that, somehow, he might just be able to successfully navigate this whole situation.

Why is Sheldon's mum so religious? ›

After Mary's divorce and the death of her rude husband, she focused on work and the church (because she works at the church). She brings up religion in practically every sentence because she relates everything back to the Bible.

Did Sheldon's mom have another baby? ›

Sheldon's hit by the rabbi's words. George gets home to share the raise news but finds out that Mary has already lost the baby. He comforts her saying that he loved and still loves their first three and that the fourth one would've been a charm!

Are Missy and Sheldon twins? ›

Character information

Melissa "Missy" Cooper is Sheldon's fraternal twin sister, who is ironically the direct opposite of her brother in many ways and she tends to torment him.

How much older is Leonard than Penny? ›

Penny's personal development leaves her well-adjusted to committed relationships and starting a family. With nearly 6 years between them, she and Leonard have the largest age gap of any couple in the cast by the time they get together in the finale.

What was Penny's last name before she married Leonard? ›

Regardless, Penny's last name changed from "Teller" to "Hofstadter" towards the end of the series when she and Leonard got married.

Did Penny and Leonard had a baby? ›

In The Change Constant, after Penny took Sheldon out drinking at the Cheesecake Factory, she returned to Leonard and had spontaneous sex with him without any protection which resulted in her pregnancy. In the series finale, Penny finds out that she is expecting a baby.

What does the baby pass to the mother? ›

As early as the second week of pregnancy, there is a two-way flow of cells and DNA between the fetus and the mother. Cells containing DNA from the fetus cross the placenta and enter the mother's blood circulation, while cells from the mother cross in the opposite direction and transfer into fetal circulation.

What does the fetus do for the mother? ›

“Fetal cells can act as stem cells and develop into epithelial cells, specialized heart cells, liver cells and so forth. This shows that they are very dynamic and play a huge role in the maternal body. They can even migrate to the brain and differentiate into neurons,” Boddy said.

What is the connection between the mother and the unborn child? ›

Umbilical Cord: A rope-like cord connecting the baby to the placenta. The umbilical cord contains two arteries and a vein that carry oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and waste products away from the baby.

Which story was the truth about Howard's dad? ›

Bernadette told Howard that inside the envelope was a picture of his father holding him as a baby, with the back saying "Howard my son, my greatest gift." It's never revealed which story is the truth (Sheldon confirmed that his story was fake because he said that he wanted to change his), though Howard states that he ...

Is Bernadette the same voice as Howard's mother? ›

Does Bernadette Do Howard's Mom's Voice? In terms of Mrs. Wolowitz' voice, Melissa Rauch doesn't actually voice the not-often-visible character.

What is the average IQ of an atheist? ›

Participants who said they were atheists had an average IQ of 103 in adolescence, while adults who said they were religious averaged 97, the study found. Atheism "allows someone to move forward and speculate on life without any concern for the dogmatic structure of a religion," Bailey said.

What is Howard Wolowitz IQ? ›

IQ Score: 140

Howard is a genius, there is no doubt about that. He is a brilliant engineer, went to space, and went to one of the best schools in the country.

Did Sheldon Coopers father cheat on his mother? ›

Both adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and his mother, Mary (Laurie Metcalf), ragged on George every single time they got the chance. However, out of all the bad things the pair said, Sheldon's confession about catching his father having sex with a different woman was arguably the worst.

How old was Sheldon when his dad cheated on his mom? ›

According to Sheldon, when he was 13 years old, he came home early from college. After hearing some noises, he barged into his parents' room and saw his dad cheating on Mary with another woman.

Why did Sheldon's mom and dad divorce? ›

This was explained in Young Sheldon's parents' show: he does this because he walked in on his father having a fling with a woman after entering the room without knocking.

Why did Sheldon's mom get kicked out of church? ›

Given that her church deserted her when she needed it, Mary is having a hard time with her religion. Since George Jr. is having a child out of wedlock, her position at the church was terminated in season 5.

Does Sheldon have autism? ›

This is ironic because according to the producers of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper isn't actually autistic.

Why did Sheldon's father leave? ›

A rift grew between them after George Sr. cheated on Sheldon's mom, but we'll get to that in a moment. That's really all we were told about their relationship via The Big Bang Theory, except for when George Sr. died of weight-related issues.

Does Georgie have a baby with Mandy? ›

For context, there was never a mention of Mandy or their kid when Georgie appeared on The Big Bang Theory. It was established that he had a few ex-wives, but they were never named; meanwhile, there wasn't any indication that he had a kid.

What mental disability does Sheldon? ›

"Sheldon often gets talked about in terms of Asperger's or OCD. He has a thing with germs, he has a thing with numbers, he's got a lot of that precision that we see in OCD. There's a lot of interesting features to all of our characters that make them technically unconventional socially."

Who did Sheldon's brother get pregnant? ›

As revealed in Young Sheldon's 100th episode, Georgie and Mandy fell pregnant unexpectedly.

What episode does Sheldon find out his dad died? ›

In the episode titled The Thanksgiving Decoupling, he also recalled the moment his dad died when he was 14-years-old.

Why did Sheldon not like his dad? ›

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) held a lot of resentment toward his late father George Cooper in The Big Bang Theory for cheating on his mother when Sheldon was a child.

Why does Sheldon knock 3 times? ›

Sheldon explains to Penny that the reasoning behind his unique knock is that, as a child, he walked in on his Dad having relations with another woman. Sheldon explained, "it's also why I never open a door without knocking three times.


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