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This Pokemon Legends: Arceus Shiny Pokemon guide includes Shiny Pokemon rate and the best way to hunt for Shiny Pokemon. Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare Pokemon with alternate colorations that have been a mainstay in the Pokemon series for years.

See How To Get a Guaranteed Shiny Ponyta!


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How to Get Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are inherently random and quite rare. You can get a guaranteed Shiny Ponyta, but besides that, it's impossible to guarantee a Shiny Spawn. There is, however, a great way to increase your chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon. Read on about how to hunt for Shiny Pokemon to learn how.

How to Hunt for Shiny Pokemon

Warning - Update V.1.1.0 (Daybreak)

Updating to Update V.1.1.0 makes the method described below impossible. If you would like to continue using this method to hunt for Shiny Pokemon using the normal Outbreaks, you must turn off auto-updates in your Nintendo Switch's settings and refrain from updating Pokemon Legends: Arceus to this newest version. We will update this page with any new methods we discover.

From the Shiny Pokemon odds below, it's easy to see that Mass Outbreaks are the way to go. Mass Outbreaks started occurring for us after completing the eighth main mission, Arezu's Predicament. Here's how to get Shiny Pokemon using Mass Outbreaks.

  • Before even thinking of Shiny hunting, you must turn off auto-save from the Settings menu.
  • Also ensure you have plenty of Ultra Balls and even Feather and Wing Balls in your Satchel. Stealth Spray and Smoke Bombs, and items that stun Pokemon are good tools for this, too.
  • Unfortunately, Mass Outbreaks occur randomly when you travel between Jubilife Village and the locales. The Guard will tell you about them, and then the Outbreak Icon with the Pokemon's picture on it will appear on the map.
  • To trigger Mass Outbreaks, simply leave Jubilife, return, and repeat, until an icon appears.
    • Note: It'd be wise to increase the hunted Pokemon's Research Level to 10 for an additional shiny rate boost.


Now, once you have a Mass Outbreak with Pokemon you'd like to hunt for, here are the steps.

  1. Leave to the map where the Mass Outbreak is.
  2. Then save in that location at camp.
  3. Head to the Mass Outbreak and catch the Pokemon in the Mass Outbreak to force more to spawn, until no more spawn. Hiding in grass, or in the smoke of a Smoke Bomb, is the easiest way to do this fast.
  4. If none of them are Shiny, reset the game.
  5. This time, instead of heading straight to the Mass Outbreak, leave to Jubilife Village. DO!NOT! SAVE.
  6. Check to see if the Mass Outbreak is still there. If it isn't, reset the game. Leave to the village and again, try to return until the Outbreak Remains.
    • Why This Works: The decision on when the Mass Outbreak disappears isn't attached to any predetermined pattern. The game "re-rolls" the chance for the Outbreak to disappear each time you leave the area - even if it's from the same save state. So, you should be able to keep the Outbreak around indefinitely.

7. When the Mass Outbreak is still there, travel to that area. Once you're back in the wild, with the Outbreak still there, save your game. The Pokemon that spawn this time will be different from the first time you checked.

8. Repeat these steps until a Shiny Pokemon Spawns! You do not need to save when you see the Shiny Pokemon. Because you're saving at the camp when you arrive, if it runs away or you knock it out, you can always reset - it will still spawn. There's no guarantee how long this will take, but the method works eventually. We caught a Shiny Murkrow with this exact method!

Why This Method Works:
Pokemon spawn when entering the location, but are predetermined. The Pokemon we caught in a Mass Outbreak had the same Effort Values, size, Nature, etc. each time we entered the area after saving in Jubilife Village (and then resetting to test if they were the same!)

However, entering the area, then leaving, then returning, spawns new Pokemon for the Mass Outbreak. When doing this, during the second visit, the Mass Outbreak Pokemon were different from the first.

Shiny Pokemon Differences


Each Pokemon species' "Shiny" version is unique and different. Shiny Ponyta, for example, has a blue mane instead of the usual orange and red. Shiny Pikachu, however, is just a darker yellow.

Shiny PonytaRegular Ponyta

Besides the color change, Shiny Pokemon also have special visual and sound effects at the start of a battle, which you can see below.

Do Shiny Pokemon Appear in the Overworld?

The short answer is yes, you can see Shiny Pokemon in the overworld before starting battle with them in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! They will also occasionally sparkle and a special sound effect will play, alerting you to their presence.

If The Shiny, or You, Faint..

If you have saved in the map when you first arrived, and then see a Shiny Pokemon, you should be able to safely reset your game if they run away or get knocked out. If you faint in the overworld (by falling, for example) the Shiny Pokemon will still be there! Pokemon spawns are determined upon entering a map, so reseting works.


Shiny Pokemon Rates

According to @Sibuna_Switch, these are the Shiny Pokemon Odds in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The worst odds for encountering a Shiny Pokemon in Legends: Arceus is 1/4096, and the best is 1/128.49. Here's how to increase your Shiny Rates to the best. (We assume this information has been datamined. )

ConditionShiny Rate (@Sibuna_Switch)
Base Shiny Rate1/4096
Pokedex Research Level 101/2048
Perfect Dex Research Level1/1024
Mass Outbreak1/158

To get a perfect dex research level, you will need to complete every research task for that Pokemon!

These rates stack, too, so if you have Research Level 10 for a Pokemon in a Mass Outbreak, you have even better odds - 1/152.

Stacked ConditionsShiny Rate (@Sibuna_Switch)
Research Lv. 10 + Mass Outbreak1/152
Perfect Dex Research + Mass Outbreak1/141

You can also get a Shiny Charm in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, however, that is quite a feat.

How to Get the Shiny Charm


To get the Shiny Charm for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you must get all Pokemon's Pokedex entries to Level 10! Professor Laventon will then give you the Shiny Charm.

Shiny Charm Odds (@Sibuna_Switch)
Shiny Charm + Dex Research Lv. 101/819
Shiny Charm + Perfect Dex Research1/585
Shiny Charm + Dex Research Level 10 + Mass Outbreak1/137
Shiny Charm + Perfect Dex Research + Mass Outbreak1/128.49

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